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FIXd is an architecture and design firm.

FIXd is an architecture and design firm that blends high technology with sensitivity to quality of life, creating spaces that enhance human habitation, social interactions, and personal comfort while fostering a greater sense of place. The firm's focus on natural systems, sociology, philosophy, evolutionary science, and art has resulted in a commitment to humanity and the environment in the field of architecture. FIXd recognizes architecture as a material and social art that engages with the visual, social, political, and cultural history of which it is an active part, designing environments that explore the interface between the social and physical, between convention and invention, and between art and construction. The firm seeks to produce or uncover moments of doubt and mystery that mark experience as unique and authentic, where deeper confrontations and conflicts and new social-cultural possibilities, and ways of seeing, might emerge.

Todd Fix, the founder of FIXd, is known for his unconventional thinking and his ability to create innovative solutions for complex projects. He has a uniquely broad perspective on the art of architecture, having learned from educators at Harvard, MIT, the University of Nebraska (Lincoln), the Architecture Association (London), and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH (Zurich), and has worked with many influential architects in New England and Switzerland.

During his tenure in several renowned practices, Todd Fix has accumulated extensive experience in various domains of architecture, such as public infrastructure projects, multi-family housing, museum and exhibit design, mixed-use commercial buildings, urban design, and single-family residential designs. With over 30 years of expertise in the field, he now utilizes his knowledge in design, construction methodologies, healthy construction practices, material research, and green technology to drive his ongoing research endeavors and client projects.

If you want to contact FIXd, kindly send an email to the following address.

Todd Theodore Fix


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