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FIXd is an architecture and design firm.

Welcome to FIXd, an architectural design firm dedicated to crafting spaces that prioritize human habitation, social interactions, and personal comfort, all while fostering a strong sense of place. Our firm's ethos revolves around a profound commitment to both humanity and the environment. Our design approach encompasses a multidisciplinary blend of natural systems, sociology, philosophy, evolutionary science, and art.

At FIXd, we perceive architecture as both a tangible and social art form, intimately intertwined with the visual, social, political, and cultural tapestry of our world. This perspective serves as the foundation for our design philosophy, as we explore the dynamic interplay between the social and physical realms, convention and innovation, and art and construction. By doing so, we strive to create environments that challenge conventional thinking, unravel new possibilities for social and cultural interaction, and ultimately transcend the ordinary.

A key tenet of our philosophy revolves around the creation of moments of doubt and mystery within the spaces we design. These moments are carefully curated to elevate the overall experience, encouraging deeper reflection and exploration of the environment. Through the creation of unique and authentic experiences, FIXd seeks to inspire fresh perspectives and forge transformative connections between individuals and the world around them.

Founded by Todd Fix, FIXd stands out for its unconventional thinking and innovative solutions in tackling complex architectural projects. Todd brings to the table a uniquely broad perspective on the art of architecture, having received guidance from esteemed educators at prestigious institutions such as Harvard, MIT, the University of Nebraska (Lincoln), the Architecture Association (London), and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH (Zurich). Throughout his career, Todd has collaborated with influential architects in New England and Switzerland, honing his expertise in diverse domains of architecture including public infrastructure projects, multi-family housing, museum and exhibit design, mixed-use commercial buildings, urban design, and single-family residential designs.

With over 30 years of experience, Todd Fix leverages his vast knowledge in design, construction methodologies, sustainable construction practices, material research, and green technology to spearhead ongoing research endeavors and deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients. We invite you to embark on a transformative architectural journey with FIXd, where innovation meets excellence in every project we undertake.

If you want to contact FIXd, kindly send an email to the following address.

Todd Theodore Fix


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