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TAGDOGS & The Spectrum Empowerment Project


Conceptual Design, Product Development, and Website by FIXd

The Spectrum Empowerment Project and FIXd are in discussions to collaborate on a project that combines FIXd's Tagdog sports licensing concept, apparel products, and website portal with the non-profit organization's mission to provide employment opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum.

The Spectrum Empowerment Project is a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering individuals with autism by providing opportunities for economic independence, social growth, and creative expression. The organization hires individuals exclusively from the Autism Spectrum and other atypically developing individuals for paid employment and provides a work environment tailored to accommodate their sensory and social needs.

By purchasing apparel from Tagdog or partnering with The Spectrum Empowerment Project, local entities not only receive a superior product, but also contribute to the growing need for providing young, gifted, and otherwise unemployed individuals with the opportunity for gainful employment.

For more information regarding "The Spectrum Empowerment Project" please click here.

If you want to contact FIXd, kindly send an email to the following address

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